Nirmal Sangeet Sarita performs Range De Jhini

Please enjoy Nirmal Sangeet Sarita with the late Babamama on tabla in the presence of HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.


  1. Excellent beautiful etc, etc. As an old yogini the video took me back to my own personal experiences of Shri mataji enjoying the music and such deep meaning of Baba Mamas composition and made eternal with the music of guruji. Long live Music and your work towards making it available to everyone. Jai Shri Mataji. Rukmini

  2. i reaily enjoyed sahaj music , all compostions of sahaj songs composed by Guruji, i am biggest fan, Pt Prabhakar Dhakde (guruji) he composed all sahaj songs, its reaily divine vibrations, guruji is violinist , composer, he knw every instrument, he is the best muscian in this world, he is blessed by mother. His all compisition is very touching, baba lyrics and gurujis comopsition, heart touching, we all love you guruji, please make us more strong from your compostions. Jai shri mataji.

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