He Prema Murta Jagi Ale

Please enjoy the following song in praise of Lord Jesus Christ.  It has some beautiful depictions of Christ, Mother Mary and the disciples, by William Blake and others, some of which show the kundalini piercing the top of the head as tongues of flame.


  1. The Main Singer is Uncle Pramod Shete From Seattle, Washington. The rest of the members playing music are all from Seattle. I am not exactly sure what raga it is. The raga is like Brindavini Sarang with sometimes using Komal Ga. So it could be mostly the Raag Brindavini Sarang with a touch of Raag Miyan Ki Malhar. Many Bhajans use multiple ragas to add beauty. Thanks for enjoying the song.

  2. This devotional song was written by a Christian minister from the state of Maharatra India- hence it is written it the Marathi language. So in effect this is what happens when a Christian hymn is created in Indian semi-classical music style – VERY beautiful!

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