Tribute to Baba Mama

Please enjoy the following music written by the late Baba Mama, brother of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.  Baba Mama will always be remembered for the enormous contribution that he made to music in Sahaja Yoga.  Although he was a very gifted mathematician and accountant, taking after his mother, he also became a poet later on. He wrote many beautiful devotional songs, some of which are included in the following program which took place on the 1999 India Tour.


  1. Monsieur bonjour.
    Je suis tres heureux pour avoir ecouté les extraits de chansons de cet artiste.Dommage qu’il soit parti.J’aime ces chansons et je voudrais savoir s’il y a un site ou avec vous les chansons de cet artiste que on pourrait ecouter en integralité les chansons.Merci.

  2. JSM
    It’s really heart throbbing and blissful event no words to express my gratitude. Golden moments of Baba mama is refreshed again. Thanks for selfless contribution.


  3. Wonderful!!I have no words to thank you for this magic video with Babamama and Nirmal Sangeet Sareeta! They are the real treasure of sahaj music. If you can find more video with them it will be a great gift for all of us.

  4. That’s Great!!! Baba Mama’s magnific poetry and the wonderfull groupe Nirmal Sangeet Sarita contribute to brink many sahaja yogis into the deep state of devotion and help us to understand the beauty of indian music.
    Thank’s a lot!

  5. Jai Shrimataji
    It was an amazing full of vibrations videoclip thankyou for sharing, cant wait to see and hear more of the music and enjoy the bliss Shrimataji has bestowed on her children.

    Warm Regards,

  6. Jai shri mataji,
    Really Wonderful,Amazing!!I have no words to thank you for this magic video with Babamama and Nirmal Sangeet Sareeta! Hearty thanks for sharing this divine music with us.

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